About SPZ Lab and the founders

SPZ is an abbreviation of the Latin word ’spermatozoa’, which means sperm cells.

SPZ Lab was founded in 2006 after several scientific studies in humans and various other species had all shown a clear connection between sperm DNA integrity and fertility.

The purpose of SPZ Lab is to contribute to the latest research in the treatment of involuntary childlessness.

In addition, it is our wish to research into the causes of DNA damage. We hope that this research can contribute to the prevention of various illnesses in the man (including cancer), which in many cases are due to the overall effect of damaged DNA in the body. New research indicates that it will probably also be possible to prevent a series of illnesses in the child that are caused by damage to sperm DNA.

SPZ Lab is today involved in a large number of research projects into DNA integrity, and as a result has considerable experience to draw on in connection with the possible causes.

Founded by internationally-recognised experts

SPZ Lab was founded by Preben Christensen and Anders Birck. Both are internationally recognised experts in the fields of sperm quality and fertility.

Preben Christensen, Ph.D.Preben Christensen

Preben Christensen is the CEO and has been a researcher in the field of sperm quality since 1992. He acquired his Ph.D. in 1995. The subject of his Ph.D. was sperm quality and the damage that occurs in sperm cells in connection with freezing and thawing (cryopreservation).

He worked from 1995 to 2006 on a long series of projects concerned with developing new methods of examining sperm quality. This work included flow cytometry and quality control. The methods were tested in several large fertility trials. He has been researching the integrity of sperm DNA since 2001.

Anders Birck, Ph.D.Anders Birck

Anders Birck has done research into the fertilising ability of sperm cells. The research was carried out with the help of flow cytometry and the methods developed were tested in large fertility trials. In 2007, Anders received a Ph.D. for his work in this field. Anders was one of the co-founders of SPZ Lab in 2006, and today takes an active role on the board.

Dr. Declan Keane

Dr. Declan Keane, ReproMed, Dublin, Ireland

SPZ Lab has performed the test for sperm DNA integrity for ReproMed since 2010. The SDI-test is a valuable help for us to guide the couples to the best possible fertility treatment.
Dr. Declan Keane

Scientific background

The SDI-test is based on many years of research into DNA and fertility. You can therefore increase your chances of getting pregnant and avoid disappointing treatments.

A new scientific review on DNA integrity

Preben Christensen and Anders Birck are also the authors of a new review on sperm DNA integrity and its relationship to fertility and health. This was published in the new fertility book from Springer in 2015.