An SDI-test significantly increases the chances of pregnancy!

Even if the sperm quality is normal, the man can still have a problem with the fertility which can only be seen by examining the sperm DNA. For 50% of the childless couples, their reduced fertility is as a result of this overlooked issue.

Get an answer within one week

The result of the SDI-test can be used to improve the man’s fertility. The test will also give an indication of the fertility treatment most likely to succeed. This significantly increases your chances of pregnancy.

No matter whether you are in fertility treatment or trying the natural way, the SDI-test can increase your chances of achieving the desired pregnancy.

The SDI-test can help you to avoid treatments which are unlikely to succeed. You can save both time and money.

If you order the SDI-test today, you will have the answer within a week!

What do doctors and the patient association say?

SPZ Lab works together with many fertility clinics and doctors in Denmark, UK and abroad.

Here you can read what doctors, the Danish patients’ organisation and The National Association for the Involuntarily Childless (Landsforeningen for Ufrivilligt Barnløse - LFUB) say about the SDI-test.

A precise measurement of fertility

A routine test of sperm quality tells you about the number of sperm, whether they swim in the right way, and if they look normal. The DNA in the sperm is not a part of this test.

The SDI-test examines the integrity of the sperm DNA and gives you a precise measurement of fertility.

A research-based company

Preben Christensen is the co-founder and CEO of SPZ Lab A/S and has researched in sperm quality and fertility since 1992. This research became the basis for the foundation of the company in 2006.