Ensure successful treatment

No matter where you are in your course of treatment, the disappointment of failed fertility treatments can be hard to bear.

Maybe you didn’t become pregnant after insemination?

If you have begun test tube treatment or micro-insemination, you may have experienced that the fertilised egg did not develop normally? Perhaps the egg (embryo) was well-developed when placed into the uterus, but it did not implant itself.

It might also be that a positive pregnancy test ended in a miscarriage.

If these disappointments continue, it can cause a great amount of psychological stress. This is why it is important to find an explanation as early as possible during your course of treatment.

Sperm DNA is a very common reason

In around 50% of childless couples, DNA integrity is the cause of disappointing fertility treatment. The man’s sperm quality is often normal. As a result the problem is overlooked and the focus is wrongly placed on the woman.

Improving DNA integrity improves your chances of pregnancy

No matter what the fertility treatment is, it is important that the integrity of the sperm DNA is as good as possible. An SDI-test can give you the explanation you are lacking and allow you to focus on improving your DNA integrity. This will significantly increase your chances of successful fertility treatment.

Dr. Declan Egan

Dr. Declan Egan, Galway Fertility, Ireland

At Galway Fertility we recommend to all couples that the sperm DNA integrity is tested prior to any fertility treatment. In many cases the couple can avoid treatments which are unlikely to succeed and thus saves time as well as money.
Dr. Declan Egan

Improve your DNA integrity

By improving DNA integrity, you can improve your fertility and increase your chances of pregnancy. This should happen as early as possible during your course of treatment.

Poor DNA integrity affects fertility treatment

No matter the type of fertility treatment, DNA integrity has great significance for the end result.