The SDI-test – a precise measurement of fertility

A routine test of sperm quality tells you about the number of sperm cells, whether they swim in the right way, and if they look normal. A regular examination tells you nothing about DNA integrity. Unless an SDI-test is carried out at the same time, this important issue will be overlooked in 50% of childless couples.

What is sperm DNA integrity?

The DNA in a sperm cell is normally robust and well-protected against anything that might affect it. For many men, the sperm DNA is fragile. This means that the DNA can easily become damaged. This process is also called DNA fragmentation.

When the sperm DNA is broken, it will not result in a successful pregnancy

The sperm DNA needs to be intact when the egg is fertilised. If the DNA is broken, the egg will not develop normally. Either the egg will not implant itself into the uterus, or it will die after a short time. The result will either be the failure to get pregnant or a miscarriage.

DNA integrity can be improved

When the DNA integrity is suboptimal or poor, it is important to find and treat the possible causes. This means that your chances of successful pregnancy can be increased. At the same time, there will probably also be positive effects on the health of both the man and the child.

Dr. Declan Egan

Dr. Declan Egan, Galway Fertility, Ireland

At Galway Fertility we recommend to all couples that the sperm DNA integrity is tested prior to any fertility treatment. In many cases the couple can avoid treatments which are unlikely to succeed and thus saves time as well as money.
Dr. Declan Egan

The result of research into fertility

The SDI-test is based on many years of research into DNA and fertility. As a result, you can take advantage of the latest knowledge in the field to increase your chances of pregnancy.