Become a more fertile man

In 50% of involuntarily childless men, the sperm DNA is fragile and fertility is reduced. This problem is only revealed by an examination of DNA integrity.

With a routine sperm examination, most men will be given the fertility “all-clear”. This means that all the focus is then shifted onto the woman. This does not lead to the best possible fertility treatment.

Focus on the fertility of the man

An examination of DNA integrity keeps the focus on the fertility of the man, and what he can do to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. This is why it is important that DNA integrity is examined.

The SDI-test can remove all doubt about whether or not the fertility of the man is reduced, and allow further action to be taken.

What affects your fertility?

You often hear that lifestyle can affect fertility. However, not everyone is affected to the same extent. Perhaps you have considered losing a few kilos, or dropping the 10 cigarettes-a-day habit? What about your friends who have children despite weight or smoking problems? It is not easy to know what you will get out of your efforts.

Another possibility is that you have a healthy lifestyle and cannot imagine you have any problems! The list of possible causes is long, and lifestyle is far from always the root of the problem.

If in doubt, take a test!

You need to find out whether or not you have a problem. The first step is to have your DNA integrity examined. The SDI-test is extremely precise and the results leave no room for doubt. Should you have a problem, it will be possible to do something about it!

Systematic evaluation and motivation

To get the best results, it is important for to be systematic and take all possibilities into consideration. Your SDI-test is followed up by a questionnaire. When you have filled in and returned the questionnaire, we will send you a detailed recommendation of what you can do.

You will become motivated into taking action because you know that your efforts will prove worthwhile

The good news is that you can improve your fertility in just 3 months!

In our experience, this is possible for 3 out of 4 men.

David Walker

Dr. David Walker, Bath Fertility Center, England

The SDI-test is important for both doctor and patient. In many cases fertility can be improved by making changes to the man’s lifestyle or looking at other causes. This can lead to the couple becoming pregnant without the need for more invasive treatment.
David Walker

How to improve DNA integrity

It is important to evaluate all the possible causes when trying to improve DNA integrity. SPZ Lab uses a questionnaire and makes detailed individual recommendations.