Become pregnant the natural way!

It is frustrating when pregnancy just refuses to happen. Maybe you have already been to your doctor, only to hear that: “Everything is normal!”

The test you have at the doctor’s tells you nothing about the integrity of sperm DNA. However suboptimal or poor sperm DNA integrity is one of the most common reasons for difficulties in getting pregnant.

Problems with aperm DNA integrity could be the only thing stopping pregnancy

The SDI-test is an important supplement to the regular sperm test. It is a small investment; potentially with a big effect.

In our experience, DNA integrity is the only thing standing in the way of pregnancy for many childless couples. These couples can get pregnant naturally when DNA integrity is improved!

Dr. Declan Egan

Dr. Declan Egan, Galway Fertility, Ireland

At Galway Fertility we recommend to all couples that the sperm DNA integrity is tested prior to any fertility treatment. In many cases the couple can avoid treatments which are unlikely to succeed and thus saves time as well as money.
Dr. Declan Egan

Better DNA integrity leads to better fertility

Our results show that 3 in 4 men are able to improve their DNA integrity. This leads to better fertility and greater chances of pregnancy.