What exactly do you get?

The SDI-test costs € 375 and includes:

  • Shipment of the sperm sample
  • The SDI-test
  • Results of the test
  • Questionnaire to discover the possible causes
  • Detailed recommendations based on information from the questionnaire
  • Counselling on potential fertility treatment

Results and detailed recommendations

You will get the result of the SDI-test within a week.

If there are problems with DNA integrity, you will receive a questionnaire together with the results. Fill out the form and return it to SPZ Lab. We will then make some concrete recommendations within 2 to 3 days.

Further information and counselling

You are always welcome to contact us if there is a need for further information or counselling about fertility treatment. There are no extra costs involved with this no matter whether the questions come from you, your doctor or your fertility doctor.

David Walker

Dr. David Walker, Bath Fertility Center, England

The SDI-test is important for both doctor and patient. In many cases fertility can be improved by making changes to the man’s lifestyle or looking at other causes. This can lead to the couple becoming pregnant without the need for more invasive treatment.
David Walker

Easy, practical and fast

You will have the results in less than a week from the day you order the test. That’s how easy it is!