Ordering an SDI-test

Data Protection

SPZ Lab processes and stores your data in accordance with European and Danish legislation on the protection of sensitive personal data.

The results of your SDI test and your personal information will be stored for a period of 1 year. After this time, we will delete your data.

You may also ask for your data to be deleted earlier if you wish.

If you want your GP or fertility clinic to be informed of your test results, please fill out their contact information in the order form below.

We use anonymised results of SDI tests in our statistics and scientific work. For this reason, we also ask you to give consent for your data to be used anonymously for this purpose.

Information about doctor or fertility clinic:

Information about man to be tested:

Please remember to fill in all fields


Payment must be made together with the order. The amount is € 400 and must be transferred by netbank to Sparekassen Sjælland using: IBAN: DK230545-0000-139463 and SWIFT (BIG): SWESDK22.

Remember to include the man’s full name together with the payment and add the words:”SDI-test”.

Send securely

When you need to send your information and documents to SPZ Lab, this should be done via a secure connection. When you click Send securely, nobody else will be able to access your personal data. Your message will be sent via an HTTPS and TLS encrypted connection provided by Bluewhale Aps.