About the SDI-test

SDI is an abbreviation of Sperm DNA Integrity. The SDI-test is based on the protocol published by D. P. Evenson and L. Jost i 2000. The method itself, however, was invented back in 1980 by Evenson, Darzynkiewicz and Melamed.

 Preben Christensen in Lab

Flow cytometry and quality control

The SDI-test investigates DNA with the help of flow cytometry. This technique makes it possible to analyse several thousand sperm at one time. The researchers behind SPZ Lab have worked on flow cytometry since 1996, and have developed several different methods for the analysis of sperm.

The SDI-test is known for having a high level of quality control. The results are extremely precise, with uncertainty rates of less than 1%!

With such high levels of precision, it is possible to measure small improvements in DNA integrity. These high levels of precision also clearly demonstrate the connection to fertility.

Dr. Declan Egan

Dr. Declan Egan, Galway Fertility, Ireland

At Galway Fertility we recommend to all couples that the sperm DNA integrity is tested prior to any fertility treatment. In many cases the couple can avoid treatments which are unlikely to succeed and thus saves time as well as money.
Dr. Declan Egan

Through the eyes of science

Read more about the background for the examination of DNA integrity and research into diseases such as cancer.