The man has an important role in fertility treatments

The man may have a good life style and be healthy. Despite normal semen quality, he may still be the reason of

  • that you don’t achieve pregnancy
  • that the pregnancy ends with a miscarriage
  • that the nice embryo doesn’t attach in the uterus

Among childless couples more than half of the men has problems with reduced or strongly reduced fertility due to fragile DNA in the sperm. The fragile DNA will easily become damaged.

This is also called – sperm DNA fragmentation.

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Ensure successful fertility treatment

Dissapointing fertility treatments can cause a great amount of psychological stress. This is why it is important to find an explanation as early as possible during your course of treatment.

It is often assumed that the explanation for infertility has to do with the woman. In many cases the semen quality is normal and nothing appears to be wrong with the man. If a test of sperm DNA integrity is not performed, a serious cause of reduced fertility may be overlooked. The sperm DNA may be fragile and prone to become damaged – so called sperm DNA fragmentation.

Several scientific studies during the past decade have shown that sperm DNA fragmentation is an important factor causing reduced fertility in more than 50% of the couples seeking fertility treatments. Many couples go through repeated treatment failures and end up being referred for egg donation although the problem is caused by the sperm DNA.

A SDI®-test can examine if the sperm DNA is robust or fragile. If the sperm DNA is fragile, the next step will be to identify the possible courses. If these are corrected, the man may very well improve his sperm DNA robustness and improve his fertility.

The SDI®-test can help you ensure a successful fertility treatment. It should therefore be done as early as possible in your course of treatments.