What do you get when you buy the SDI®-test?

The result of the SDI®-test can help you to identify the causes of the reduced fertility and may thus help you to improve this. The test can also point out the most effective type of fertility treatment.

The SDI®-test includes:


  • The SDI®-test
  • Shipment of the sperm sample (frozen in dryshipper sent with UPS)
  • Result of the SDI®-test (sent to you with Send Securely).
  • Questionnaire to discover the possible causes if your fertility is reduced (DFI above 15).
  • Detailed personal recommendations based on information from the questionnaire.
  • Counseling with regard to fertility treatment (e-mail or Teams)

Sending the semen sample and result of the test

If you live in UK, Ireland or EU we will send you a dry shipper with a courier such as UPS. It will typically take one to two days for this shipper to reach you. The dry shipper is a special container with liquid nitrogen which freezes the semen sample. The sample needs to be diluted before it is frozen. It is all very easy and described in the instructions.

The dry shipper is sent back to SPZ Lab with the courier. We include the Air Waybill for the return shipment. Shipment is included in the price of the test.

We analyse the semen sample with in 3 days after the shipper arrives to us. You will receive the result electronically via Send Securely.

Questionnaire and personal recommendations
When the SDI®-test shows that your fertility is reduced (DFI above 15) we will also send you an invitation to the SPZ Lab self-assessment questionnaire. It will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete this online questionnaire which ask you important questions about your life style and other factors which may explain why your fertility is reduced.
Based on your information, we send you our report with personal recommendations within 3 days.

Counseling of you and your partner

The result of the SDI® test can often result in a number of questions. The result may explain why previous treatments have been unsuccessful so you may urgently need information on what you do next.

Please always feel free to send us your questions using Send Securely. We can either send you a reply or arrange a meeting via Teams. This service is included in the price of the test.