Sperm DNA fragmentation is often assumed to be caused largely by oxidative stress. It therefore sounds logical that treatment with ‘antioxidants’ is required.

Today many products contain very high levels of the different types of vitamins and minerals. Combining different products may very well result in a too high dose. This is not good for your health and may result in a higher DFI.

Vitamins and minerals – the SPZ Lab recommendation

Taking a general product with the different vitamins and minerals is a good idea if your DFI is above 15. The product that you take should contain close to 100% of the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ (RDA) for each vitamin and mineral. If you have not taken any vitamins or minerals for a couple of years, you may consider to take 2 tablets per day for a maximum of 3 months. Our recommendation is that you also take Coenzyme Q10 in a dose of 100 mg per day plus a product with Omega-3 (fish oil).

Avoid intoxication with vitamins and/or minerals

When you consider to buy a product with vitamins and/or minerals, you should first read the ‘Table of Contents’. Many of the new products on the market contains very high doses of the different vitamins and minerals – doses which exceeds 200% of RDA.
Some of the vitamins and minerals are concentrated in the fat (fat soluble) and are particular problematic – vitamins D and E plus Selenium are good examples. If you take a too high dose and get a too high level in your blood, it may take months or years to get the level back to normal.

Water soluble vitamins
It is believed that water soluble vitamins are excreted very rapidly through the urine. This group of vitamins include the different B vitamins and vitamin C. When you view the ‘Table of Contents’ you may see that some products contain extremely high doses of the different water soluble vitamins – more than 1000% of RDA is not uncommon. You should avoid taking such products. In SPZ Lab we frequently see men who are intoxicated with the water soluble vitamins – vitamin B6 is very often found to bee too high.

Pro-Oxidant effect

When you take an antioxidant in too high dosage and you get the opposite effect – It becomes Pro-Oxidant. Rather than protect your DNA, it will cause more damage and increase your DFI.

In SPZ Lab, we have seen many men with intoxication during the past 10 years. One such example is JK, who attended Galway Fertility in 2013. In October 2013, he had the SDI®-test and his DFI was found to be 59.4.

In June 2014, he was had a Follow-Up SDI®-test and it was found that DFI had increased to 87.6! JK explained that he had done all he could to reduce his DFI. He had changed his diet and started to exercise more – and had lost nearly 10 kilos. However, he had also taken several different products with vitamins and minerals!

A test of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (VMF-test) showed that his level of Iron was too high. The level of Selenium was also high (but still within the reference range). He then stopped taking the different products – his DFI declined and the story had a happy ending. See JK’s improvement here.