What do the fertility specialists say?

SPZ Lab works together with fertility clinics and doctors in Ireland, UK and EU.
Here you can read what doctors say about the SDI®-test

Professor Hassan A. Shehata – Centre for Reproductive Immunology & Pregnancy, Epsom, Surrey, UK

Since our collaboration with SPZ lab in May 2020, we have offered the SDI®-test to many of our patients, to help identify the reasons for recurrent miscarriage in our patient cohort.

The service offered by Dr. Preben Christensen is of a very high standard and we would recommend his laboratory to other facilities considering sperm DNA fragmentation tests. Preben is meticulous in his approach to customer service whereby any issues or problems are dealt with immediately and professionally. We hope to continue our strong relationship for many years.

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Dr. Robert Fischer, Fertility Center Hamburg, Germany

At the Fertility Center Hamburg we have, since 2008, offered our patients an examination of their sperm DNA integrity as part of their initial assessment, prior to starting a course of treatment. It is our opinion that the SDI®-test can help couples find the best treatment right from the start. For many couples the test means that they can avoid the disappointment of unsuccessful treatments.

Since 2008, the Fertility Center Hamburg has been involved in the collection of data that confirms our opinion. The results were published at the European fertility congress (ESHRE 2013) in cooperation with Sims IVF (Dublin, Ireland) and SPZ Lab. It is our hope that as many couples as possible will choose to have an SDI®-test taken before they begin any fertility treatment.

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Deirdre Corcoran, First Options Fertility

With the uncertainty involved when beginning the journey to parenthood SPZ lab offers a scientific test which gives clarity in understanding male fertility.

We in First Options Fertility combine the SDI®-test results with gold standard semen assessments and semen culture tests to give thorough, fact based guidance to men on their journey.

We especially like to have the SDI®-test completed in the early stages so corrective measures can be taken, ultimately leading to a baby in less time with less stress.

Robert Downer, PhD, Director and Clinical Embryologist, Know Your Fertility

Over many years of collaboration, I have found SPZ Lab to be a patient orientated organisation with the goal of improving male reproductive health using evidence-based methodologies.

Poor sperm DNA integrity is often the hidden factor contributing to poor male fertility and failure to achieve an ongoing pregnancy. Many men with normal semen analysis results have elevated levels of DNA damage in their sperm and are unaware of the consequences of poor sperm integrity.

SPZ Lab provide an insight to male reproductive health using the SDI® test.

Dr. Angela Carstensen, Kinderwunsch Kiel, Kiel, Germany

A high proportion of sperm with fragile DNA decreases the chance of achieving pregnancy naturally. When a couple comes to us at Kinderwunsch Kiel, they have often tried to conceive for a long time and are quite frustrated that the pregnancy has not been achieved already.

In many cases, the test for sperm DNA integrity (SDI®-test) can help us to pinpoint the problem and select the most successful therapy for the couple. In some cases it is possible to improve the quality of the sperm DNA, and thus improve male fertility before any fertility treatment is performed.

We have collaborated successfully with SPZ Lab since 2010 and are pleased to offer the SDI®-test as the only fertility centre in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Martin Blomberg Jensen, Dr. Med., Department for Growth and Reproduction, Copenhagen University Hospital

Since 2011, I have used the SDI®-test in connection with two scientific studies. The first was a so-called RCT (randomised and double-blind), and provided an extremely reliable test of SPZ Lab’s precision. SPZ Lab had no possibility of knowing when a test was from the same man.

The study clearly showed that SPZ Lab perform their tests with a very high level of precision. This is of great value to me as a researcher and clinician. SPZ Lab’s thorough quality control is of great importance.

Examination of the sperm cell DNA quality is a parameter whose use has been the subject of great discussion in recent years. This is why it is important to use high quality methods. SPZ Lab has proved that they live up to this in our trials.