What exactly do you get?

The SDI®-test includes:

  • Shipment of the semen sample (frozen in a dryshipper sent with UPS)
  • Result of the SDI®-test is sent to you via Send Securely
  • Online Self-Assessment-Questionnaire to identify the possible causes when DFI is above 15.
  • Personal recommendations to improve your fertility.
  • Counseling with regard to fertility treatment (e-mail or via Teams)

How quickly do you get the result:
You will receive the result within 3 days after your sample arrives to us. If you send your sample through a fertility clinic, shipment may be slightly delayed if your sample is sent together with samples from other patients.
Personal recommendations will be sent to you within 3 days after you completed the online questionnaire.

Research in semen quality and fertility since 1992
More than 18,000 SDI®-tests
Personal recommendations
100% confidentiality